Environmental-protection packaging and innovation: a few examples

This week, FreshPlaza talks you about REV and our mission: among the first in the fruit and vegetable sector to take up the “green challenge”, without losing sight of the requirements of the large-scale distribution, constantly looking for ever-more eco-friendly and attractive wrappings, and of the packagers of maximising the packaging processes, for years we have been projecting complete solutions, ad hoc too, ecological and sustainable.

Our Lion, thermosealed-punnet netting machine, is able to realise a 100%-organic packaging or in-plastic one but by using 50% less material with respect to our competitors’ packages.

Our thermosealing netting machines Tiger and Puma eliminate the metal clip and realise monomaterial packages, compostable and 100%-recyclable, or with 50% less (recyclable) plastic.

Vega and Spider, clip netting machines, in addition to recyclable plastics, can work with natural-fibre organic materials.

And again, in the wake of Eagle and Condor, automatic machines 350% faster than existing manual solutions, of Hollywood filming machine which, working more crates at once, doubles the production, or of Bison and Series A weighers that, besides guaranteeing more gentleness in treating the product, ensure 20% more production compared to the previous versions, Elephant, our new closing machine for cardboard trays with side wings, creates monomaterial packages and, thanks to its ultra-high performances (it is the fastest on the market) and its extreme versatility (it is suitable for all products usually contained in trays), is already achieving great success.