REV Packaging Solutions results from a 30-year experience in the field of packaging machinery.

We offer a wide range of innovative automatic machines for fruit-and-vegetable production lines, together with specific solutions for niche packages and products: REV represents an acknowledged leader for weighers for delicate fruit, fruit counters, netting machines of different types (for loose products or products in punnet), filming machines, taping machines and end-of-line ones.

Our highly specialised team follows closely each phase of the project, starting from designing up to after-sales operations, including customisation, upon request.

REV establishes a close and special relationship with its customers, providing them with value-added realisations.

The quality, innovation, passion and attention to details that drive our work are obtaining great success in more and more countries around the world.

Fabrizio Fiumana
President | Chief Designer
Roberto Fiumana
Associate | R&D Manager
Gionata Corzani
Italy Sales Manager
Leonardo Lanzara
Sales Manager
Francesca Fiumana
Content Management & Internationalisation
Valentina Bonanni
Administrative Director
Michele Mugione
Technical Buyer
Fabio Imbrò
Technical Support Engineer
Lorenzo Drudi

Those who have already chosen us:


REV projects and produces all of its machines at its headquarters. Thus, each phase of the production is firsthand followed by specialised and widely experienced personnel, that are always ready to fulfill fast and with precision all customers’ needs. This allows us to ensure a complete package of services, from the first approach to after-sales operations.

We never guarantee something we are not able to do: each commitment is a promise that we will necessarily keep.


Here at REV we strongly believe in innovation and, as a result, we annually invest an ever-increasing amount of resources in research-and-development activities. This allowed us to obtain extremely trustworthy solutions in terms of new technologies and new applications.

In fact, reliability represents the key point of our executive philosophy: we only use the best components and adopt the best solutions, since we have clear in mind that our customers will evaluate us according to the results they will get by using our machines.


Assistance and support are essential to our clients. This is why we decided to provide them with a rapid and efficient technical support. All the most common spare parts are always available, so that we are always prepared to face any circumstance.

REV’s engineers are well known for their professionalism and their high skills.

REV around the world