COP27 at the start

On 6th November, in Sharm el-Sheikh, it has begun COP27, the twenty-seventh United Nations Climate Change Conference.

At the centre of next weeks’ debate, themes which are particularly dear to us at REV: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, at the basis of global warming, and, more in general, the search of more effective and incisive sustainability models.

Basically, the action plan developed by ONU is divided into four points, separated and still closely related to each other: mitigation, adaptation, financing and cooperation.

The goal is always the same: to maintain the temperature increase within 2 degrees Celsius, aiming at 1,5, as well as, of course, to find pragmatic measures to deal with the current state of affairs, especially for what concerns more fragile and vulnerable realities, Africa first of all.

And all of this will be possible only by annually allocating an amount of funds appropriate to the extent of the crisis, that is to say, on average, more or less sixfold more than what invested so far.

The road is long and winding and the objectives really ambitious, hence, an inclusive and active participation of us all is needed, above all at institutional level, but in the production process and individually, in everyday life, too.

REV, since ever, is committed to limit the packaging environmental impact and to design solutions that are not only highly productive, but which also best combine performances and ecology. Find out in detail our contribution to the cause: