P-Packs: thermosealed nets with wineglass label

The monomaterial alternative to metal clip

In REV, we boast a long experience in hot sealing and, for years, we have been committed to environmental respect. An example of this is provided by Puma, packaging machine for thermosealed nets which creates a 100%-recyclable monomaterial packaging consisting of tubular net.

But there is more: unlike most thermosealing packaging machines on the market, Puma applies to the package a tape functioning as an handle and a label, wineglass or weld-to-weld (sealed at the extremities). Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a thermal-transfer printer capable of printing all product information directly on the label.

The label, customisable is shape and size, offers then a wide space for communication and guarantees an attractive and appealing package. All of that, simultaneously saving a significant amount of material: overall, Puma’s P-Pack is made with 50% less plastic than classic thermosealed bags!

Designed several years ago and optimised over time, Puma provides a valid alternative to metal clips without compromising on weight or packaging costs and ensures the efficiency of years of development and testing.

Puma is born with the aim of a recycling that may be economically sustainable and accessible to everyone, and not only to countries with the most advanced disposal facilities. It is therefore essential to create a monomaterial packaging.

Puma wins the challenge of replacing the metal clip with a solution that guarantees a packaging that is equally simple and lightweight, and therefore cheap for both the packager and the consumer, and has a lesser impact on the planet!

6+6 Rotopack: production has never been this easy!

No giveaway, no waste, with 6+6 Rotopack

Here is our super new solution!

6+6 Rotopack, ultra-gentle weigher with packaging station, has been projected for maximising profits by operating on two different levels simultaneously.

The weigher itself, designed for preparing doses according to a pre-arranged (and never lower) weight, reduces giveaway to a minimum.

Rotopack, on the other hand, introduces some simple but practical measures intended for optimising production by facilitating the work of the operator, which will have to take care only of a specific phase of the filling / packaging, saving time and energy.

Come discover 6+6 Rotopack at Fruit Logistica, from February 7th to 9th, Hall 2.1, Stand B-11!


The heartbeat of the fresh produce business returns!

Right after SIVAL, all together to Berlin! From February 7th to 9th, it returns FRUIT LOGISTICA, the heartbeat of the fresh produce business!

Almost everything is set, the event program is online and a record number of exhibitors is expected. As always, the focus is on innovation and technology, especially regarding the area dedicated to packaging machines.

And, also this year, REV awaits you at Hall 2.1, Stand B-11, with exclusive news… See you soon with further details! In the meantime, have you saved the date?

New year, new logo!

At REV, it is time for a restyling

This 2024, you can expect the same quality as always, but in a fresh and updated style: REV is restructuring its foundations and renewing its look and design style, to strengthen and enhance a story that for almost forty years has been telling of innovation, passion and attention to details.

See you soon with more exciting surprises!

Scorpion: speed and maximum efficiency

Fast forward!

Scorpion crate filler is highly automated and, consequently, widely customisable and configurable according to specific needs. It has been designed for filling plastic or cardboard crates of various types, such as IFCO, CPR, EPS, CHEP, etc., including with side edges, by using a great range of punnets, also both in plastic and cardboard and different in kind, for instance with or without lid, clamshells or cardboard trays with wings, as well as in net and flow pack.

Thanks to its double filling station, Scorpion is the most rapid filler on the market! The second generation, in particular, is 180% faster than traditional machines. Therefore, with its top performances, which ensure more than 150 actual packages per minute, it is particularly suitable for automating ultrahigh-productivity flow wrap and topseal lines which, due to the lack of sufficiently performing solutions, typically end up with a considerable number of operators in charge of manually filling the punnets.

And this ensures numerous advantages, not only related to streamlining the processing and maximising profits through remarkable cost and time savings, which would be significant facts in themselves, but also concerning a better management of operators and a consequent increase in staff efficiency itself!

Besides, in an automated system, the entire packaging process is constantly monitored, thus, all bugs are detected in real time and the risk of human error or accidents is practically reduced to zero.

Scorpion increases reliability and precision, maintaining the benefits of a machine that is extremely simple and intuitive to use, thanks to the touch-screen control panel and the new R-Touch graphical interface with production statistics, as well as to the integrated Easy Remote teleassistance service which easily allows to control the machine from a distance. REV guarantees the result!

Infoagro Exhibition 2023

Save the date!

The fourth edition of Infoagro Exhibition, dedicated to intensive horticultural production and to the ancillary industry is about to start.

The event, which occurs every two years in Almería, Spain, and which will take place from 10th to 12th May, certainly represents a news with respect to other similar trade fairs that can boast a decades-long story; nevertheless, Almería is the core of the greatest greenhouse area as well as the most important vegetable cultivation centre in Europe.

Thus, in a short time Infoagro has become an unmissable appointment for the agricultural sector and  related services, for presenting new products and ideas, keeping updated, discussing and, why not? even winning the reward as most influent company or person in the fruit-and-vegetable field!

With our trustworthy partner DCR, our Vega netting machine and much more, we await you on Floor P1, Stands 075 and 076!

Anti-waste digitalisation and technology

Bison evolves together with the market

Bison, precisely conceived for the filling of punnets, combined with the specific denester-filler, is a weigher designed in the name of innovation (and not surprisingly subject of international patent). It represents a constantly evolving project come, by now, to its seventh update.

The machine composes the packages according to a pre-arranged and never-lower weight; as a result, the giveaway is reduced to a minimum. Clearly, this corresponds to a remarkable advantage, especially for what concerns quality products and, thus, of great economic value.

According to the item to be weighed and the dose desired, it can be programmed with various “recipes” which allow to switch to a different production in a really practical way. And this is fundamental considering that Bison is suitable for an extremely wide range of fruit and vegetables: developed for delicate goods, above all with stone (apricots, plums, peaches, avocados, cherries, etc.), kiwis, both green and yellow, and tomatoes, during the transport it accompanies the fruits with maximum care, guaranteeing the least possible amount of impacts. The product falling is particularly reduced and is attenuated by outfeed conveyors now even softer. This aspect becomes even more relevant taking into account the recent tendency to bring on supermarket counters fruit and vegetables almost ready to be consumed, from ripening point of view.

Moreover, the new version is 20% faster with respect to the previous one, to parity of gentleness, and has been equipped with a software with advanced self-learning functions, which ensure continuity to the production, and with measures intended for a high level of automation, among which the automatic product-infeed according to the objective set, the Counting+Weight mode with check of the latter, the auto-tare, the verification of the scale remains with automatic product-anti-bridging system and the simplified end-of-production and emptying. That is to say, the most common settings have been limited for facilitating the operator.

From the new graphical interface it is possible to supervise the production statistics and to interact even-more intuitively with the machine, remotely too, thanks to the integrable teleassistance service Easy Remote.

But there is more; Bison, in fact, is providable with 4.0 Interconnection, is insertable into SCADA systems and features cutting-edge electronic components that make it extremely precise and really reliable, as well as very fast. How precise and how fast it depends on the needs: the balance between speed and accuracy can be adjusted by means of the dedicated function!

Also the structure has been perfected, for simpler and more efficient sanitisation and maintenance, and the infeed system improved, for an optimal distribution of the incoming product: at REV we aim at developing weighers that may be ever-more advanced, as well as gentle, in order to excel inside a scenery which is increasingly complex and competitive.

Supernova: super fast, super versatile!

At REV a star is born

Supernova-Series V is the new highly automated and self-adjusting solution by REV, for the denesting (Supernova) and filling (Series V) of punnets of all kinds and sizes, from cardboard trays with or without wings and small crates to classic ones in plastic, including clamshells.

Supernova-Series V, in fact, is able to change format in some minutes and with absolute ease, guaranteeing at the same time and regardless of the container to be worked, maximum precision, delicacy, speed, great performances (that is to say more than 80 units per minute) and, thanks to some simple devices such as the particularly wide punnet tank and the smart warning signalling, a high production continuity.

The machine is equipped with quick-release outfeed funnels which allow to switch from a format to another in a few seconds and is programmable with various recipes, according to the punnet and the product to be worked.

Hence, the most common settings have been reduced to a minimum, for facilitating the operator: from the touch-screen panel it is possible to manage the machine smart movements with memory function. The machine will thus adjust itself in almost total autonomy: the only exceptions are some manual controls to be carried out also in an intuitive and immediate way, by means of the specific index knobs.

Moreover, Supernova, as well as combined with his filler Series V (specific for delicate products, thanks to conveyor belts which ensure particularly reduced fallings and the least possible amount of impacts), and therefore for picking up doses ejected by weighers, fruit counters or sorters, can also be used separately.

And in a context in which, due to the pandemic and the war-and-energy crisis, the market trend changes at rates that are unprecedented inside the sector of the packaging for fruit and vegetables and in which packagers are requested an ever-greater variety and smaller amounts of product, “versatility” becomes a synonym for “innovation”, on par with “speed and performances”.

In a historical period as the one we are living, then, technology and innovation cannot certainly prescind from the sustainability topic. Afterall, “to innovate” is precisely “to produce more spending less”, which means “to avoid waste for guaranteeing both economic and ecological advantages”.

Basically, a production more diversified and less massive which may also be sustainable and thus up to date in all and for all, necessarily implicates a greater flexibility of the machinery, which is possible only by investing in digitalisation, automation and mechanised production.

REV’s Supernova is all of that and much more: versatility, high concentration of technology, innovation and environmental protection, applied to the experience and expertise of who made of the denesting and filling the core business of his activity.


Shaping the future together

From 8th to 10th February, in Berlin, it returns the trade fair dedicated to the entire agri-food supply chain which represents a milestone for the industry, from growers to consumers: FRUIT LOGISTICA.

This year’s edition, especially for what concerns the exhibition area destined to the machines for the transformation, conservation and packaging of fruit and vegetables, will focus on technology and innovation which, of course, are not ends in themselves, but are rather aimed at reducing waste and at drawing the boundaries of a more tangible sustainability.

In fact, due to the pandemic and the war-and-energy crisis, the food & beverage sector, for a few years now, is facing new challenges, first of all the demand of greater variety and smaller amounts of product. And a sustainable production more diversified and less massive necessarily implicates a higher flexibility of the machinery, which is possible only by investing in digitalisation, automation and mechanised production.

And at REV we are working precisely on that! In which way? We await you at FRUIT LOGISTICA at Hall 2.1, Stand B-11 for discussing it in detail and for presenting to you our latest news!

SIVAL 2023: innovation, sustainability and internationalisation

Towards the agriculture of the future

Angers, in France, is UNESCO heritage, as well as the capital of seed production and of specialised crops of flowers and of fruit-and-vegetable plants and of the transformation and the packaging of their products.

And precisely in Angers, from 17th to 19th January, it returns SIVAL, the fair dedicated to the agriculture of the future and related services and to all their players: more than 700 exhibitors will reunite for identifying (through conventions and workshops too) pioneering solutions, capable of guaranteeing an effective answer to the challenges of tomorrow, first of all, the one concerning climate changes.

How to do that? With a collective approach to the environmental issue: in addition to investing in automation and new technologies able to respect our planet, our health and biodiversity, for growing and evolving it is certainly necessary to globally cooperate.

REV and Filpack wait for you at Stand ARDESIA, Hall A-92, for showing you their proposals for a development that conform with the needs of the current generation as well as future ones and for discussing all together of innovation and sustainability.