DUPI FRUTA line for the packaging of garlic

DUPI FRUTA line for the packaging of garlic


Dupi Frut is an Albanian producer and exporter of garlic since 2015. With its 90 hectares of land, the company realises, each month, 100 tonnes of high-quality product (as the GLOBALG.A.P certification proves) which is then distributed all over the country, as well as in Holland and in the United States.


The customer reached REV driven by the need of automating the garlic packaging process, which up to that moment was carried out manually only, with great expense of energy and money.


In order to satisfy the client’s demand, REV created a complete packaging line made of:

  • A12 weigher, extremely easy to use, precise, gentle and reliable.
  • Tiger automatic netting machine, the only one capable of realising, with loose products, monomaterial (with no metal clip) T-pack packages in line, much cheaper with respect to any other similar type on the market. Tiger ensured the customer high production continuity and minimum material waste.
  • Genius automatic net loader, combined with Tiger. The machine allows to completely eliminate down time and any action of the operator in charge of the tube filling which, by positioning the tube and pressing a single button, starts the automatic cycle of the winder that will independently perform filling, collecting much more net with respect to traditional devices.


Thanks to REV’s packaging line, the client reduced manpower of more than 65% and, at the same time, tripled the daily production.

Dupi also managed to obtain a great saving on the materials, since Tiger netting machine guarantees minimum waste of the latter.


Automation of the garlic packaging process and reduction of the production costs


  • An extremely precise weigher
  • A high-performing netting machine
  • An automatic net loader for ensuring high production continuity


  • 65% reduction of manpower costs
  • Tripled production
  • Saving on the materials


REV provides innovative solutions for packaging fruit and vegetables customised according to the specific needs of the packager, automating processes carried out manually, so far, as in this case: our clients can witness the efficiency, great performances and sustainability of our machines.

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