COOP MESSITwo lines for packaging peaches, nectarines and kiwifruits

COOP MESSITwo lines for packaging peaches, nectarines and kiwifruits


The Agricultural Cooperative Messi (Coop Messi) represents one of the most dynamic expanding companies of all Greece. With its 450 associates-farmers which cultivate as a whole 1200 hectares of land, Coop Messi has become one of the main producer in the country, managing to distribute each year about 15000 tonnes of fresh fruit and 10000 of peaches, in all Europe, Canada, Africa, Asia and Middle East.


The client needed to automate the process of peach, nectarine and kiwi packaging in punnets, with the purpose of considerably lowering the high production costs. Moreover, for space requirements, Coop Messi asked a particularly compact packaging line.


In order to satisfy both demands of the customer, REV projected and realised two compete packaging lines composed by:

  • F16-TC fruit counter with punnet filling system, a high-productivity machinery made of fruit counter, denester and filler, for automatically filling punnets according to a prearranged number of fruits. F16-TC is extremely fast, gentle and compact;
  • Rooster crate filler, high performing, automatic and suitable for filling 60×40 crates with ten punnets. Rooster is exceptionally reliable, rapid and easy to use and has small dimensions;
  • Falcon clamp palletiser. Falcon adopts a revolutionary solution which allows the crate handling on two axes, through a pair of parallel chains and a single motor. Furthermore, for optimising the machine size, the pallet processing occurs inside the main structure.


Thanks to plant created by REV, the Cooperative Messi has obtained a great result: to parity of productive capacity, the company reduced of 50% the labour cost.


Automation of the process of fruit packaging in punnets, for reducing the production costs



2 compact packaging lines, to better suit the client’s spaces



50% decrease of the costs, to parity of production


REV provides innovative solutions for packaging fruit and vegetables customised according to the specific needs of the packager, automating processes carried out manually, so far, as in this case: our clients can witness the efficiency, great performances and sustainability of our machines.