• Thor is a manual-loading combination weigher suitable for preparing doses according to a pre-arranged (and never-lower) weight.
  • The products are placed by the operators directly on the scales / hoppers. The touch-screen control panel, positioned at the centre and directable, allows to easily set the functioning parameters according to the product to be worked. Thus, the machine calculates the best combination possible and composes the dose. The products then fall on two soft-wave conveyors, are ejected on a central hopper and, finally, are discharged on either a conveyor or a tray.
  • Thor can be paired with various packaging machines (netting, flowpack, flow-wrap and stretch ones).

asparagus, courgettes, grapes, artichokes, radicchios, aubergines, spring onions, snow peas (fruit and vegetables in general), as well as meat and fish and anything that can be contained into the scales.

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  • 14 particularly wide scales / hoppers (315×145 mm, depth: 100 mm)
  • IP55 protection degree
  • Scales / hoppers easily accessible and removable, for an easy sanitisation
  • Gentleness in treating the product (outfeed on soft-wave conveyors)
  • Indicator light, for facilitating the product infeed
  • Ease of use
  • Recipes with parameters programmable from the integrated touch-screen display
  • Precision: +/- 1 g (1-g division)
  • Interfaceability with netting machines, flowpack, flow-wrap and stretch packaging machines and conveyors in general
  • Size: 3675×670 mm. Configurable height
  • Theoretical potentiality: more than 40 doses/min., depending on the operators’ skills and delicacy of the product worked
  • Platforms with ladders, crate supports, hoppers, in AISI 304 stainless steel too