Bison evolves together with the market

Bison, precisely conceived for the filling of punnets, combined with the specific denester-filler, is a weigher designed in the name of innovation (and not surprisingly subject of international patent). It represents a constantly evolving project come, by now, to its seventh update.

The machine composes the packages according to a pre-arranged and never-lower weight; as a result, the giveaway is reduced to a minimum. Clearly, this corresponds to a remarkable advantage, especially for what concerns quality products and, thus, of great economic value.

According to the item to be weighed and the dose desired, it can be programmed with various “recipes” which allow to switch to a different production in a really practical way. And this is fundamental considering that Bison is suitable for an extremely wide range of fruit and vegetables: developed for delicate goods, above all with stone (apricots, plums, peaches, avocados, cherries, etc.), kiwis, both green and yellow, and tomatoes, during the transport it accompanies the fruits with maximum care, guaranteeing the least possible amount of impacts. The product falling is particularly reduced and is attenuated by outfeed conveyors now even softer. This aspect becomes even more relevant taking into account the recent tendency to bring on supermarket counters fruit and vegetables almost ready to be consumed, from ripening point of view.

Moreover, the new version is 20% faster with respect to the previous one, to parity of gentleness, and has been equipped with a software with advanced self-learning functions, which ensure continuity to the production, and with measures intended for a high level of automation, among which the automatic product-infeed according to the objective set, the Counting+Weight mode with check of the latter, the auto-tare, the verification of the scale remains with automatic product-anti-bridging system and the simplified end-of-production and emptying. That is to say, the most common settings have been limited for facilitating the operator.

From the new graphical interface it is possible to supervise the production statistics and to interact even-more intuitively with the machine, remotely too, thanks to the integrable teleassistance service Easy Remote.

But there is more; Bison, in fact, is providable with 4.0 Interconnection, is insertable into SCADA systems and features cutting-edge electronic components that make it extremely precise and really reliable, as well as very fast. How precise and how fast it depends on the needs: the balance between speed and accuracy can be adjusted by means of the dedicated function!

Also the structure has been perfected, for simpler and more efficient sanitisation and maintenance, and the infeed system improved, for an optimal distribution of the incoming product: at REV we aim at developing weighers that may be ever-more advanced, as well as gentle, in order to excel inside a scenery which is increasingly complex and competitive.