EAGLEA single machine, two companies satisfied

EAGLEA single machine, two companies satisfied


Born in 1968, Francescon, nowadays, is a company operating worldwide that every year cultivates and distributes 30 millions of melons.

On the other hand, L’Agricola Don Camillo, born in 2005, represents a reference point for the Italian and European large distribution of melons and watermelons.

Together, these two entities, cover most of the Italian melon demand.


Both companies reached REV driven by the need of automating the melon taping process which, up to that moment, happened manually, with significant expense of time and resources.


In response to the requests received, REV specifically projected and realised Eagle, a fast, reliable and flexible taping machine. Thanks to Eagle, it is indeed possible to automatically tape melons or any other spherical produce (such as small watermelons, pineapples and coconuts), at a maximum speed of 56 pieces per minute.

Currently, in their respective warehouses, Francescon has got 13 Eagles and Don Camillo 6. Both companies are fully and completely satisfied with the customised solution that REV offered them.


Bruno Francescon, owner of the homonym company, claims “Not only REV sold me the taping machine but it also showed humility in listening my needs and great ability in realising exactly what I needed”.

Andrea Benelli, CEO of L’Agricola Don Camillo, adds: “Thanks to the machine REV projected for us, from a production of more or less 10 melons per minute (with a very high turnover of personnel), we accomplished an amount of 45 products per minute, with incomparable simplification of the operators’ work activity. For each machine we registered a 350% production increase, with the same quantity of operators”.


Automation of the melon taping process



Eagle, automatic taping machine able to work melons and other products at a speed of 56 pieces/minute



+350% of production to parity of operators


REV provides innovative solutions for packaging fruit and vegetables customised according to the specific needs of the packager, automating processes carried out manually, so far, as in this case: our clients can witness the efficiency, great performances and sustainability of our machines.