At REV a star is born

Supernova-Series V is the new highly automated and self-adjusting solution by REV, for the denesting (Supernova) and filling (Series V) of punnets of all kinds and sizes, from cardboard trays with or without wings and small crates to classic ones in plastic, including clamshells.

Supernova-Series V, in fact, is able to change format in some minutes and with absolute ease, guaranteeing at the same time and regardless of the container to be worked, maximum precision, delicacy, speed, great performances (that is to say more than 80 units per minute) and, thanks to some simple devices such as the particularly wide punnet tank and the smart warning signalling, a high production continuity.

The machine is equipped with quick-release outfeed funnels which allow to switch from a format to another in a few seconds and is programmable with various recipes, according to the punnet and the product to be worked.

Hence, the most common settings have been reduced to a minimum, for facilitating the operator: from the touch-screen panel it is possible to manage the machine smart movements with memory function. The machine will thus adjust itself in almost total autonomy: the only exceptions are some manual controls to be carried out also in an intuitive and immediate way, by means of the specific index knobs.

Moreover, Supernova, as well as combined with his filler Series V (specific for delicate products, thanks to conveyor belts which ensure particularly reduced fallings and the least possible amount of impacts), and therefore for picking up doses ejected by weighers, fruit counters or sorters, can also be used separately.

And in a context in which, due to the pandemic and the war-and-energy crisis, the market trend changes at rates that are unprecedented inside the sector of the packaging for fruit and vegetables and in which packagers are requested an ever-greater variety and smaller amounts of product, “versatility” becomes a synonym for “innovation”, on par with “speed and performances”.

In a historical period as the one we are living, then, technology and innovation cannot certainly prescind from the sustainability topic. Afterall, “to innovate” is precisely “to produce more spending less”, which means “to avoid waste for guaranteeing both economic and ecological advantages”.

Basically, a production more diversified and less massive which may also be sustainable and thus up to date in all and for all, necessarily implicates a greater flexibility of the machinery, which is possible only by investing in digitalisation, automation and mechanised production.

REV’s Supernova is all of that and much more: versatility, high concentration of technology, innovation and environmental protection, applied to the experience and expertise of who made of the denesting and filling the core business of his activity.